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Our Story


From our humble beginnings as a one-man business housed in our founder's home nearly a decade ago, Tessera shaped itself to be the brilliant gem that it is today through passion and perseverance.

Today, we have more than a thousand internationally-certified diamonds in our collection, ready to be selected and made into your next heirloom.

We specialize in engagement rings and bespoke fine jewelry. We are the ones who brought to life the iconic "Three Stars and The Sun" earcuff as well as the "Alab at Dangal" earcuff and "Pearl of the Orient" drop earrings, all famously worn by Catriona Gray on her winning night at Bb. Pilipinas 2018 and Miss Universe 2018 respectively.

At Tessera, we are committed to deliver unparalleled authenticity and elegance to you and your loved ones. To be there in your life's memorable milestones and beyond.